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Going Touchless – Stop the Spread – MSD, Inc.

Going Touchless – Stop the Spread

By March 9, 2021blog

Replacing aging fixtures with newer touchless devices has always been a great way to save our resources, increase hygiene levels and reduce water costs. With the pandemic and the emphasis on reducing the spread. Touchless devices became top of mind as an added layer to help protect our workers and family from the potential spread. We have upgraded many facilities this year and as you would believe demand on manufactures has been very high. When one of our clients recently requested their facility be upgraded to touchless, lead times for quality systems were also at high levels. We are thankful to have such great relationships with our suppliers that they will do whatever is needed to help us serve our clients with the utmost speed. Because of this our team was able to obtain the equipment quicker than expected and installed it sooner than anticipated. Bryon, one of our Plumbing Service technicians worked with our supplier to make it all happen at great speed. Our team installed several hands-free lavatory faucets, bottle fillers, pressure-assisted toilets, and flush valves to help our client provide their staff with an added layer of safety they desired.

Preventing the spread to just one person makes all the efforts everyone puts in worth it. As we move into the future, these types of products need to stay top of mind. Not only do touchless materials and equipment help stop the spread of germs but it also conserves large amounts of water. Most faucets in larger facilities can save hundreds of gallons of water over the course of a couple of years. If your facility is interested in “going touchless” reach out to our team for all the help you might need.

Stay safe.