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Meet Conner – MSD, Inc.

What’s your name? Conner Trace
Are you married? If so, how long, do you have kids? Neither
What city/town do you live in? Fairborn
How long have you worked at MSD? Six Months
What is your current position here? Fab shop laborer
What do you like most about your career? Being able to learn everyday
How long have you worked in this field? Ever since I got hired here
What are some of your hobbies & interests? Golfing, hiking, watching NFL, hanging out with friends/family
Do you have pets? 2 cats named Pigeon and Peanut and a dog names Daisy
What is your favorite place to have ever traveled too? Washington State
What is your favorite color? Red
Do you have a favorite Disney Movie? Hercules
What time do you usually fall asleep? 10:30ish
How do you relieve stress? Watching a movie/going outside