Meet Donnie Saunders

By April 13, 2020blog

Good Afternoon Everyone! Meet our HR Supervisor!


What’s your name? Donnie Saunders
Are you married? Yes! If so, how long, do you have kids? 18 very long years – I have 2 kids Lillie 9 years old and Charles 5 years old
What city/town do you live in? Miamisburg
How long have you worked at MSD? 2 years
What is your current position here? HR Supervisor
What do you like most about your career? Communicating with all the tradesmen and managers. They are almost all a great bunch of folks.
How long have you worked in this field? 7 years in Construction and 20 years before that in Finance/Tech
What are some of your hobbies & interests? Love to play Golf, saltwater reef aquariums, and starting projects around the house that I never finish.
Do you have pets?  No pets at the moment, but I am looking for a good dog for the family.
What is your favorite place to have ever traveled too? St Thomas – was a fantastic trip. People were amazing and the bar I went to every morning was more of a local place that had a pool table outside.
What is your favorite color? Blue because of the ocean.
What time do you usually fall asleep? 8:30 for about an hour and then I am up for a while – not a great sleeper. More thinking than sleeping.
How do you relieve stress? I hit things.
What would you order for your last meal on earth? Steak from Sparks Tavern in New York City. Medium Rare. Don’t forget all the sides…
What’s a motto you live by? Let’s stop talking about what we do and start talking about what we believe.