MSD creates spaces that support your facilities with efficient and sustainable systems, allowing your teams to be confident, productive and comfortable. Specialized Mechanical Engineers in integrating turn key mechanical, electrical and plumbing solutions into your building designs and applications. This process consists of evaluating existing site conditions, completing design load calculations, equipment selection, and designing the complete system into our custom engineered BIM model. Following completion of BIM modeling, cost analysis are completed and presented for client approval, showcasing schematic design, ensuring the design criteria are achieved. Once the project is accepted the BIM model is finalized by our Mechanical Engineering Team and coordinated with the building architectural, structural, and trade applications. 

  • In-House Licensed Professional Engineers 
  • Turn Key Solutions for New Systems, Redesign and Retrofit 
  • Comfort, Ventilation, Process HVAC, Plumbing and Piping Systems 
  • Energy Efficient HVAC Management and Solutions 
  • VRF System-Design & Installation -includes Mitsubishi, Daiken, LG 
  • Pool/Spa Dehumidification Systems 
  • Geothermal 
  • Steam and Hydronic Systems 
  • Dust Collection Systems 
  • Chilled Water Systems 
  • Make-up Air Systems 
  • Custom Air Handling and VAV Systems 
  • Specialty Piping and Ducting Systems 
  • Drainage Waste and Vent Systems 
  • Stormwater Systems 
  • Domestic Water Distribution Systems 
  • Gas Systems