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July Employee Shout-Outs

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Sara Sowers

I just wanted to shoot you an email regarding how amazing Sara has been to work with.

She is one of the busiest people in the company, yet she always finds a window and a way to help me out. She has gone with me to survey customer sites and to meetings and has been absolutely clutch in both capacities. Her responsiveness and follow-through are top-notch and her willingness to work with me and keep me in the loop on everything has been exemplary.

I just want to make sure she is getting the recognition she deserves for the job she is doing. I cannot say enough good things about her.

Submitted by: Eric Eversole


Scott Janowiecki

Ireceived a telephone call from a woman who had a flat tire on the ramp from Woodman to Springfield Street today and one of our guys changed her tire. After discussing with the team Scott Janowiecki helped her! Scott thank you so much for representing our team in a professional and helpful manner. The woman wanted us to pass along her gratitude.

Submitted by: Evelyn Biza

Heat Awareness

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The OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool mobile app, is available for both ios and Android devices. It shows the current risk level (minimal, low, moderate, high, or extreme) and forecasts the hourly heat index throughout the entire workday giving you the information you can use to adjust the work environment as needed to protect yourselves and each other.

More than 65,000 people seek treatment for heat-related exposure each year, and extreme heat is the number one cause of weather-related deaths.

Lindsey Baker



Purdue University: Bring the Outdoors In

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — By now, it’s well known that circulating outdoor air in buildings is safer than recirculating indoor air. That point was driven home by the pandemic. Problem is, it’s just not cost-effective.

That may soon change. Purdue University engineers have proposed a system that combines new membrane technology with the latest HVAC systems to make 100% outdoor air systems more energy-efficient and economically feasible – especially in warm, humid climates. They say their system could save up to 66% in energy costs for large buildings that choose to use the safer outdoor air.

Previous research at Purdue has shown that HVAC systems (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) are a key factor in spreading airborne diseases like COVID in indoor environments like office buildings, restaurants and airplanes.

“Most people don’t realize the complexity of a modern HVAC system,” said James E. Braun, the Herrick Professor of Engineering and director of the Center for High Performance Buildings at Purdue. “There’s a specific sweet spot for humidity in an indoor environment — between 40% and 60%. Any drier than that, and people aren’t comfortable; any more humid, and you’re at risk for mold and other problems.”


You can read more by clicking here and visiting Purdue’s website.

Plumbing/Piping Foreman Mike D’Amico as Craft Professional of the Year for the 2021 ABC Awards Submission

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MSD is proud to nominate Mike D’Amico as the 2021 Craft Professional of The Year. Mike has been employed at MSD since 2003 and has excelled at his position as a Plumbing/Piping Foreman. Mike has twenty years of total trade experience and eighteen of those years committed to the commercial/industrial plumbing and pipefitting side. Mike is capable of leading any size job with any size crew and is currently involved in the Miami Valley Career Center project in Englewood, Ohio. This is a three-year project that is over twenty-two million dollars in revenue, therefore MSD needed a foreman that will be able to handle any delays or construction obstacles that are thrown his way. Mike is a valued leader in our company and respected by all his peers as a hard-working and very organized Foreman who excels at planning and executing large amounts of high-quality work production and adds a personal touch to every job and relationship to each contractor.

Mike strives toward total quality and innovation of new tools and processes to utilize cost savings and to achieve the best results possible. Mike has a long list of certifications and accomplishments such as Licensed Journeyman Plumber, Certified welder (structural, MIG, TIG, and Arc) section 9 welding certification, Vectren Natural gas trained and gas pipe fusion certified, Class A CDL, Heavy equipment certified operator, Medical Gas/Brazer certified (NITC), State of Ohio Backflow tester certified, Confined Space entry certified, and Qualified Rigging certification. Even with so much responsibility, Mike still finds time to help mentor and teach all new apprentices in the field and also teaches in MSD’s classroom for our apprenticeship program.

One of my favorite attributes of Mike is the fact that he is equally devoted to being a great husband to his wife and father to his three children. Mike is heavily involved in spending every possible minute with his family involving sports, camping, fishing, hiking, boating or just playing games and laughing. People like Mike are hard to find, and I am grateful that he is part of our team at MSD and that we are able to be part of his life. Mike is a former recipient of an Eagle award for the Dayton Corrections Institute (Women’s Prison Project), but I truly hope you will consider Mike as The Craft Professional of the Year. Thank you for taking the time to recognize his achievements and potential now and in the future.

Randy Metcalf
Plumbing\Piping Superintendent

Sheetmetal Journeyman Justin Ingram as Craft Professional of the Year for the 2021 ABC Awards Submission

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MSD Inc/ is proud to nominate Justin Ingram as a candidate for the 2021 Craft Professional of the Year. Justin graduated from Newton High School in 2008then he attended Upper Valley JVS in the HVAC program. He began his sheet metal career in 2007 and has been employed with MSD since 2014. He obtained his journeyman license with the ABC program. He has excelled in his sheet metal career while at MSD by working as a journeyman and currently as a sheet metal foreman. Justin is passionate about his career and the work he puts forth with each job he leads. His work ethic is strong and is a positive influence on others.

Justin has been trained in and currently holds certification in HILTI Fire Stop Systems, as well as HILTI, Qualified Powder Actuated Tools Operator, National Safety Compliance Aerial and Scissor Lift Safety, Certified Shearer Safety Service Scissors Lifts, Equipment Depot Rough Terrain Forklift Operator, Sunbelt Aerial Work Platform Operator, American Scaffolding INC Certification, CPR, AED and Basic first aid certified through the American Safety & Health Institute, Shearer Safety Services Fall Protection Competent Person and 30 hours OSHA. Justin has gained respect from his co-workers and leadership by the example he shows others. He always goes above and beyond what is asked of him. He is enthusiastic at work and provides an environment that is positive for his team. Justin has been the lead foreman at the UD administration building, Encompass, and currently at Wayne Hospital. His success in the field has shown his dedication to his craft. Justin and his wife Samantha live in Covington Ohio. They have a daughter Raelynn and son Colton. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family working on cars. He also enjoys hunting and fishing with his wife Samantha.

Justin will be celebrating seven years with MSD this year and we are proud to have Justin part of our leadership team. We look forward to all the future projects he will lead for MSD.We hope you will join the consideration and recognition we feel he deserves in being considered the 2021 Craft Professional of the Year.

-Darin Salyers
Sheet metal Superintendent

MVCTC Co-Ops to Full Time Employees!

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We are excited to announce the following MVCTC graduates have elected to start full time with TEAM MSD after working as co-ops this past year. This past Friday they signed offer letters to join the MSD apprenticeship program as they continue in full time roles with our organization! TEAM MSD would like to congratulate these team members listed below:

Ryan Bennett

Jase Cvetkovich

Blake Thomas

Lucas Bradley

Project Zeus

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Work continues for TEAM MSD at Project Zeus with the setting of the condenser units with a few very challenging Helicopter lifts, completed by our partners at Midwest. Great job TEAM MSD and Midwest converting dreams into a REALITY!!!! #ProjectZeus, #TeamMSDSpecialProjects

The Effects of Hard Water

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Hard water is water with a high mineral content (in contrast with “soft water”). It forms when water percolates through deposits of limestone, chalk, or gypsum. These substances are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates and sulfates.

Every day we think nothing of pulling a glass from the cabinet, filling it with the water from the tap and refreshing our bodies with the requirement of life. What we likely do not consider is the quality of the water we are consuming.

Approximately one in eight people, consumes hard water, which has been identified to be a significant etiological factor around the globe causing many diseases such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, reproductive failure, neural diseases, and renal dysfunction to list just a few. (National Center for Biotechnology Information) The human body is brilliant in its ability to evolve and adapt to the environment, not so much for our physical space. The mechanical equipment, fixtures, and piping do not have the capability to evolve and correct for excessive Hard Water.

The affects of hard water in our pipes have devasting consequences. Water heaters have reduced life expectancy, and degrading of plumbing fixtures are all signs of the influences of hard water. The good news is there is a solution for these conditions. A comprehensive evaluation of your supply water can be the first step towards a healthy environment. Water softeners, POS water filtration, and periodic maintenance are proven tools in the battle.

Aligning your facility with a professional water chemistry technician is recommended. These contractors have proven results from years of studying and providing corrective actions. MSD, Incis has a solution for your facility! Let our professionals develop the right solution for your needs.


Give to Grow Program

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By giving back to the community, MSD is able to take an active role in community development, help community members succeed, and help foster a deeper sense of unity. 2020 and 2021 was a hard year due to do the limitations of COVID-19 but MSD was able to give back and help out the community in a few different ways such as supply meals to the Victory Project young boys, donate to the foodbank, and give joy to families at Christmas that are struggling.

During the year, MSD supported many community organizations and participated in a variety of philanthropic events, most notably:

    • The Foodbank (Dayton) – collected non-perishable items, our 12th year of participation.
    • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer – due to COVID-19, the walk was canceled, so MSD donated to the cause by matching purchases of employee Breast Cancer shirts
    • Polar Plunge held by the Special Olympics.
    • Giving Tree – MSD was given 4 families to purchase Christmas gifts to bring joy to these families during the holidays.
    • Victory Project – provide meals 3-4 times a year.

At MSD, our Give to Grow Commitment supports the ongoing improvements and social interactions that allow valuable relationships and a deeper sense of belonging to be established impacting the community in a positive manner. The community involvement committee takes a “community in the front, business in the rear” approach.

    1. Volunteering in the community helps impact each and every person affected by giving them the ability to grow and feel the love of the community. Helping out our community not only creates goodwill but also helps improve the area making it a better place to live and work.
    2. Another impact is that the Give to Grow Committee makes the employees feel proud to be associated with the company, and it also makes them feel better about their work personally. Volunteer options help build a positive culture within a company and can also influence teamwork in the workplace.

Preble Shawnee High School Case Study – Camden, Ohio

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TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION: Mechanical Jr. High/ High School EducationSCOPE OF WORK:
Upgrade the mechanical systems and add central cooling capabilities to the Jr. High, High school building.
• Over 9,800 feet of new Hydronic Piping
• (1) 289.5 Ton Screw Chiller
• (80) Unit Ventilators
• (10) Air Handling Units
• (7) VAVs
• (21) Cabinet Unit Heaters
• (7) Horizontal Unit Heaters
• (1) Duct Mounted Reheat Coil
• (3) New Boilers with a total Capacity of
7,497,000 BTU/h
• (2) HHW Primary Pumps
• (2) CHW Primary Pumps
• Junior High/High School Building for the district
• 160,420 sq/ft
• Original Contract – $2,192,438.00
• Final Contract – $2,207,461.00
• 3 Months 12 days
CONSTRUCTION COMMUNITY OPPORTUNITIES BASED ON MERIT:When bidding a project, our estimators will send out a request for proposal to our database of pre-qualified subcontractors/suppliers. When awarding the contract/purchase orders for this project, we considered the amountof the bid, as well as the experience of the subcontractor/supplier with the type of work associated with this project.


The Preble Shawnee Junior High School and the Senior High School are combined into one very large, 160,420 sq/ft building and the school board was needing the addition of a central cooling system to the whole campus. Prior to the Covid-19
pandemic, the schedule for installations and upgrades would take place during the summer months when the students were out of school. It turned out that all work was needing to be done during the Covid-19 pandemic, with mechanics having to maintain safe working distances while maintaining the tight installation schedule.
The scope of work consisted of:
• Over 9,800 feet of new hydronic piping
• (1) 289.5 Ton screw chiller
• (80) unit ventilators
• (10) air handling units
• (7) VAVs
• (21) cabinet unit heaters
• (7) horizontal unit heaters
• (1) duct mounted reheat coil
• (3) new boilers with a total Capacity of 7,497,000 BTU/h
• (2) hot water heater Primary Pumps
• (2) chilled water Primary Pumps

To start things, we removed 10 existing air handlers either by removing the existing louvers or by taking the units apart and transporting them down the hallways and out of the building. The mechanical room had to be completely demolished and installed with new boilers, piping, pumps, valves, and controls. The existing breeching was modified to only accept the existing domestic water heaters. The new boilers are highefficient and required separate flues for each new boiler. Care was taken to ensure proper service clearance was maintained on each new piece of equipment. CO2 sensors were installed in all the classrooms to bring in outside air, based on occupied mode and current CO2 levels within the area. The new Unit Vents also came with enthalpy controls to allow for “free” cooling when outside air conditions are ideal. This will minimize the run time on the chiller and keep additional electrical cost to a minimum.

The project had a tight schedule from the start with the amount of manpower we had available, and upon mobilizing, it was brought to our attention the factory which supplied the blowers motors for the new unit vents had been shut down due to Covid-19 and we did not know if we were going to receive the unit vents in time to get them installed. We determined that we could meet the scheduled end date by working some additional hours and adding a few people to assist if we could get the unit vents on-site by July 1, 2020.

That was our drop-dead date to still meet the schedule for school to open on-time. In the first 42 working days, we were working diligently on gettingthe main mechanical room complete, the AHUs replaced, and the new chilled water
and heating hot water piping installed within 5’ of the new unit vents. Final confirmation of the unit vents was scheduled to be delivered on July 1, 2020 and that would allow us only 34 working days to remove the existing unit vents, install, test/flush, insulate and commission the 80 new unit vents. Originally, we had a total of 75 working days to include this in our tasks to complete. In addition, we did not want to demolish the existing unit vents without having the new ones
on-hand first, because once we started the removal, there was no turning back. At the time of the removal, school was to be back in session on-time, and an order had not been issued from the governor at that point for remote learning for the
district, so we continued our push for a quick installation.

Not only did we have a delay with the blower motors, but AHU-10 was delayed by 21 days and did not ship out until July 1, 2020. So now we also had to fit in AHU- 10 replacement, all (80) unit vents and 28-unit heaters, all to be replaced in the 34- day period. The unit heaters did not ship until July 16, 2020 which means we were cutting it close on the unit heater installation. Working around the existing services in the building brought about issues with the installation of our new services above the ceiling. We had to strategically find locations to route our piping and minimize offsets up or down to limit the amount of vents and drains in the system.
The entire project took three months and 12 days to substantial completion with a total of 8,499 installation hours.

-Greg Norris, Project Manager