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State of Ohio – School Safety Grants – MSD, Inc.

State of Ohio – School Safety Grants

By April 10, 2023blog

Today school safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With the increased number of school shootings and other violent incidents, it is essential to have robust security measures and systems in place to protect our children, teachers, and administrative staff. Recently, the State of Ohio provided School Safety Grants to eligible schools to help them enhance their security systems. MSD Technologies, a leading security solutions provider, helps schools utilize these grants to implement advanced security measures to protect their schools and grounds.

The School Safety Grants cover a range of security improvements, including video surveillance system and door access control system upgrades. These upgrades help schools detect, abate, and respond to situations more rapidly, increasing the safety of students and staff. These upgrades can include Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics for security cameras, security camera additions, additional door access controls, door ajar notification, lock-down systems, and First Responder access.

Video surveillance systems with AI analytics can detect and classify people, vehicles, faces, license plates and more in real-time.  Intrusion detection, loitering detection, zone entry and exit, and other functions are options that help identify potential threats while reducing false alarms. Newer video management systems (VMS) help operators analyze the video footage to find events faster and more easily.

Access control systems that limit entry to authorized personnel only are critical to school safety. Door Ajar notifications alert school personnel when doors are left open for a certain amount of time. This helps prevent doors from being propped open, potentially allowing unauthorized entry.

Emergency lock-down systems immediately secure interior doors on the system at the push of a button.  Entry and exit of classrooms and other areas is limited to those with credentials. During a lock-down event, First Responder Access allows building access by police, fire, and other emergency personnel. This allows them to respond rapidly while maintaining facility entry and exit control.

School safety is of the utmost importance. It’s imperative that robust security systems and measures are in place to safeguard students, teachers, and staff. The State of Ohio offers School Safety Grants to eligible schools to help enhance their security systems. MSD Technologies can help schools determine the best way to utilize the grants to increase security and protection. With their expertise and commitment to service excellence, they are the perfect partner for districts looking to enhance their security systems and the safety of their students and staff.

MSD Technologies helps clients make informed decisions through relationship-based consulting with a mission to deliver 100% client satisfaction. They recently acquired B&G Technologies, a security and fire alarm solutions provider serving Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio. They have over 20 years of expertise in helping schools with security and safety needs including security cameras, video management, fire alarms and access control.

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